Robots and Intelligent systems for
Citizens and the Environment

About us

The RICE laboratory includes a permanent staff from the University of Genova, as well as temporary researchers, Ph.D. students, and M.Sc. students.

Senior and junior team members share a strong motivation for the development of robotic and intelligent solutions that can make a difference in improving people’s lives.

RICE researchers are affiliated with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and I-RIM, the Italian Institute on Robotics and Intelligent Machines.

Staff, temporary researchers, and Ph.D. students

Prof. Antonio Sgorbissa, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Prof. Carmine Recchiuto, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Giovanni Mottola, Ph.D., Researcher

Dr. Lucrezia Grassi, Ph.D., Researcher

Ariel Gjaci, Ph.D. student

Zoe Betta, Ph.D. student

Alice Nardelli, Ph.D. student

Enzo Ubaldo Petrocco, Ph.D. student

Lorenza Saettone, Ph.D. student

Omotoye Shamsudeen Adekoya, Ph.D. student

Ali Yousefi, Ph.D. student

Anna Allegra Bixio, Ph.D. student

M.Sc. students

  • Mohammad Al Horany
  • Syed Hasan Shozab Abidi
  • Hussein Ahmed Fouad
  • Jerin Joy
  • Mohamed Alaaeldin Youssef Mahmoud
  • Matteo Maragliano
  • Francesco Pagano
  • Parinaz Ramezanpour
  • Awais Tahir
  • Baurzyan Zhakanov
  • Giulia Berettieri
  • Antonio Bucciero
  • Akshita Kadambathil
  • Marco Tabita
  • Isabel Cebollada Gracia
  • Luca Petruzzello
  • Karim Triki


  • Francesco Ganci
  • Mohammad Reza Haji Hosseini
  • Marco Limone
  • Bouazza El Moutaouakil